We are a collective of local artists and designers who have a passion to protect art, furniture and décor and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Urban Eclectics is a unique vintage and modern décor and gift shop located in the heart of Old Oakland. We have a multi-cultural “artist picked” collection of eclectic and artsy vintage and modern furniture and décor pieces from all over the world, but sourced locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our pieces create a cohesive and comfortable atmosphere so that you are able to envision the pieces in your own space and create a unique environment in your home or anywhere you spend time.

The founder, Kimberly Jones, is a local artist, collector and designer who started the concept for Urban Eclectics in July of 2016. Kimberly was rooted in the corporate world for most of her career, but has always had an active passion for art, design, staging, repurposing, painting furniture and has an innate ability for picking and collecting unique pieces and bringing them together to create a feeling of positive vibes. Come experience Urban Eclectics.